Doljinaar.   City of Kings.

A contract has been signed in the shadows of the great capital, soon to be sealed in the blood of gods. The Shaltearan Brotherhood moves to make good on this contract.  It has unleashed its largest force of elite assassins in history.  Their mark sits on the high throne of Men.  The king of Doljinaar should have heeded the warnings, but now he will pay in blood.

Shade is sent to foil the assassination and waylay the conspirators behind the plot, but to do so he must venture deep into the bustling heart of Capital Doljinaar.  A city the size of ten bustling metropolises walled together side by side.  Thousands of eyes lurk at every corner, none trusting of Dark Elves.  Shade must take the deepest, darkest roads to reach the palace secretly and save the king of a hostile nation.Picture

Shade is in for a bad week. From the treacherous Mudline to the deepest darkest forgotten depth of the Doljinaar Catacombs. Danger lurks at every turn, but just getting to the capital is only half the battle. Dangerous powerful men and a Shamite with a tongue of solid gold plot in secret. Shade must face off against the Shaltearan elite. Among their number awaits a worthy adversary who has been dying to meet him. A ghost who moves silently among men…

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