In a time of eternal night,
when even the strength of men fails,
a ray of hope dawns…

Peace has settled over the crowded continent of Sylvane. The Elf Wars have ended. Even the fronts of mighty Doljinaar lay quiet and still. All is well in the hearts of Sylvane’s inhabitants until a madman rages from atop a mountain. The mere breath of his word is carried upon the winds to the very ends of Covent prophesying woe and doom upon the nations…

The voice warns of a Man of Darkness who has risen in the far east, a black robe of unprecedented power and terrible rage. His voice is chanted upon the lips of his followers. He has struck a dark allegiance between the beastly hosts of night mortals. An army beyond imagining marches on the nations of light.

The legions of night spread across the lands threatening to consume every nation. One by one the free peoples crumble and flee. The banners of night push toward the very doorstep of capital Doljinaar, city of kings. The Man of Darkness will stop at nothing to take the throne of men and extinguish the great light of the nations.

Yet the forces of light refuse to be stamped out. Hope flickers like a pale candle of flame. Heroes have been chosen from among the nations and an ancient power stirs. A power long forgotten by the nations, but holds the world’s only hope to stop the spreading evil...

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