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~Posted 1/20/21
Due to the recent disabling of Flashplayer on the internet and our need to build a mobile-friendly website, we're moving the official homepage. The move is a work in progress. Eventually, this domain will point at the new website, but for now feel free to visit the new homepage to see what we've built so far. It is available at World Anvil, which is an amazing world-building platform.

Come visit us here.

In other news, we are happy to announce we are nearly complete with the full rough draft of the first book of the Triloriad, our master epic. All our previous stories have been building to this one mega narrative and kicks off the saga of the Triloriad itself. The rough draft is going to finish at 800+ pages and 300,000+ words making it as long as the mainstream fantasy authors' novels. We are very excited to bring this book to our readers as it is the culmination of work since childhood.

~Posted 1/11/19
Greetings readers! I apologize for the delay on any new information on the Chronicles of Covent. After publishing 5 books I took a break with the family. I also worked at several major disaster sites including the California Wildfires, which took up a lot of time. I took a break from writing for about a year and a half. Since then I am fully recharged and have started writing again.

Some of the feedback from readers was to finish the Triloriad since that is our master epic, so I have been working on that for the past year. Book one just passed 600 pages and is 70% complete. It will be out longest book to date and rightfully so. The Triloriad will feature characters from the buildup novels all coming together in one mega epic during the darkest time in Covent history. Look for more updates on the Triloriad and our other novels in the future.

As for other novels, Shade 4 is 60% complete and I'm trying to keep it under 400 pages, but it may go over. Elf Wars 2 is 40% complete and Adventure Series 2 is 20% compelte. My partner J. E. Dugue is finding more and more time to write these days, so he's also back helping push the novels forward. I do apologize again for the delay, but I had balance out work and family life for a time. I have to live in the real world sometime. :)

~Posted 9/20/16
Path of the Magi, Book One of the Adventure Series is now available on softcover and all major e-book formats, including Kindle, Nook, iBookstore, Googleplay and Kobo. The book in your preferred format and sample chapters are available here.

~Posted 7/15/16
The Chronicles of Covent is proud to reveal the final cover to Path of the Magi, Book One of the Adventure Series. Path of the Magi is already available on Kindle. Softcover will be released next followed by the other formats. You can read more about this new series here. Sample chapters now available!

~Posted 6/25/16
So it's been a long year. Ben Wootten did pour more work into the cover, but has ran into other conflicts and cannot complete the project. You can learn more on J. L.'s blog. We thank Ben Wootten for all his hard work and wish him luck back on those big time  movie sets, which have kept him tied up. Fantasy artist Ilich Henriquez has agreed to finish Ben's killer cover. Ilich has completed commissions for Fantasy Flightgames and other major vendors. Ilich has done a tremendous job of meshing his own striking art style with Ben Wootten's own. Read more on J. L.'s blog.

~Posted 5/16/15


The Chronicles of Covent is excited to announce the forging of a major new art alliance with big name artist Ben Wootten!

Ben Wootten will be taking over cover and promo work for the world of Covent. For those of you who are unfamiliar with his name, you have seen more of Ben's artwork than you realize. Ben was heavily involved in concept work for the LOTR trilogy. He is one of the co-creators of the Balrog concept design used in the movies. He is also credited with the Ringwraith and steed, as well as many other iconic movie designs. Ben was also involved in concept work for Peter Jackson's King Kong and was the head of design for The Chronicles of Narnia films. We are honored to be working with an artist of Ben Wootten's caliber.

You can learn more about Ben's accomplishments on J. L.'s blog.

Also check out this interview with Weta Workshop to learn about his LOTR work and more:

You can browse Ben's sweet artwork on his online portfolio here:

A plug for 2 beautiful art prints Ben completed available for sale on Weta's website:
An epic Balrog art print and a beautiful picture of the Shire.

Ben's first project will be the cover to Path of the Magi, the first in our Adventure Series line of tales. We'll be posting sneak peaks on J. L.'s blog and here in the News section in the months to come. To find out more about our next release check out the Path of the Magi preview here.

~Posted 4/16/15

A lot of readers have been asking what additional Chronicles of Covent books are forthcoming and even more are inquiring about Shade IV. We are hard at work on Shade IV: Call of the Allurah and have also nearly completed the full draft for Paths of the Magi, the First Book of the Adventure Series and yes Festan La Faun, Merrymaker Extraordinaire and Minstrel at Large, will be heavily featured in this brand new series, as well as many other exciting new characters.

You can check out the Shade IV preview here and Adventure Series I preview here.

~Posted 2/5/15

Shade III: The Weeping Grounds is now available on other major e-book formats such as Googlebooks, iBookstore, Nook, Kobo and PDF.

Check out the Shade III preview here. Includes sample chapters!

~Posted 12/10/14


Amazon is now selling Shade III: The Weeping Grounds on paperback! And they've knocked $1.30 off the list price! The longest Shade book yet... Get your copy now!!!

Head over to Amazon and grab your copy today! To learn more about Shade III, check our our full preview here. Includes sample chapters to whet your appetites. Even more formats to follow!!!

~Posted 10/31/14


Kindle users rejoice! The highly anticipated Shade III: The Weeping Grounds is now available for an exclusive early Kindle release. OUT NOW!!!

Head over to Kindlestore and grab your copy today! To learn more about Shade III, check our our full preview here. Includes sample chapters to whet your appetites. More formats to follow!!!

~Posted 5/15/14

With great sadness we report that our artist, Thom Scott, has had to move onto other committments and will no longer be drawing for the Chronicles of Covent. We wish Thom all the best in all his future endeavors.

We are excited to annouce our new artist, Rob Joseph, has put together our best cover to date. Rob has been hard at work on the cover for the much anticipated Shade III: The Weeping Grounds and we are very pleased with the results.

Here's a sneak peak of the Shade III cover, pitting Shade in his hardest and most humbling journey yet. A full cover reveal and more details to come on Shade III: The Weeping Grounds. Stay tuned to the Chronicles of Covent website and J. L.'s blog for further details:

You may check out Rob's Portfolio here:

~Posted 1/28/14

Elf Wars Trilogy book one: The Last Field of Honor is finally available for sale in print and all major e-book formats!

Book One of the Elf Wars Trilogy...

TWO THOUSAND YEARS the Elf Wars have raged... How long can two nations go on avenging the fallen? Both the Elven kingdoms lay ravaged and destitute.

General Ka-ling leads the Elves of Jui-Rae in their struggle against the widely feared Dark Elves of Jui-Sae. His adversary, General Sien, faces him on the last field of honor. Yet secret circles of assassins meddle in the northern affairs, leaving behind trails of brutal murders in the deeps woods which threaten to usher in a new age of cold-blooded genocide.

A tale of blood and bitter endless war, of two civilizations teetering on the edge of annihilation threatening to wipe Elves, both light and dark, off the face of Covent forever...

Get your copy today!

In celebration of our latest release, Shade Tale I: Waiting Game is still free for download! And don't miss the Shade easter eggs stashed away in Elf Wars..

~Posted 10/19/13
The Chronicles of Covent has agreed to release Elf Wars Trilogy, Book One, The Last Field of Honor 90 days early exclusively on Kindle format. All other e-device formats will become available in our usual launch window of January 2014. Due to the landslide of sales on Kindle, as compared to other formats, we have agreed to these terms in exchange for better exposure on Amazon and to enable us to reach more readers in the long term.

The Last Field of Honor may be purchased here directly from Amazon:
kindle download
Softcover, iBookstore, Nook, Googlebooks and PDF versions are forthcoming. To celebrate this early release, we have updated Characters, Races and Creatures with descriptions from this exciting new series. I am still working on the updates to Factions and Places, which is a pretty massive undertaking, so stay tuned. Further Covent related news on J. L.'s blog.

For plot details and THREE free sample chapters click here:

~Posted 8/15/13

If you haven't noticed the new cover link down to the bottom left of the Featured Products section or visited our homepage in awhile, we have revealed the cover to the first book of the Elf Wars Trilogy: The Last Field of Honor. We are on the fourth round of proofs on this book and hope to have it released by early next year, possibly sooner.

A book description and the full cover wrap can be viewed here:

If you missed the original annoucement on J. L.'s blog, it can be found here:

Check the CoC homepage for updates as we approach the release of the first book in the Elf Wars trilogy!

~Posted 5/15/13

Kingsblood and Waiting Game have received a lot of positive reviews as of late. Check out these great reviews at the following links:

Kingsblood: 5 out of 5 stars

Kingsblood: 4 out of 5 stars

Waiting Game gets a solid verdict!

Waiting Game: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Waiting Game: 4 out of 5 stars

~Posted 3/30/13

For those of you who haven’t noticed yet, sections Factions, Creatures and Places have now been updated with new details from Shade 2: Kingsblood! Includes new entries and Easter Eggs that dive even further into the world of Covent than the books.

Each area features many brand new in-depth descriptions as well as new artwork from Thom Scott and other contributing artists. Formats are set up in easy-to-use alphabetical order so you can read along with the books.

Watch for more updates in the coming year to promote the release of our next book Elf Wars I!

~Posted 3/15/13

The Waiting Game is the interest of promoting the Chronicles of Covent brand the FULL book of Waiting Game is now FREE on all e-book devices. Please note this promotional offer is available to all non-printed formats only.

Get your free copy now!

~Posted 2/28/13

Shade II: Kingsblood gets 5 out of 5 stars! Check out the book review and an exclusive author interview with J. L. Ficks at:

We’re very excited about this review since it is the first reviewer who automatically got the concept of reading the books alongside the website. We have poured extra work into this site to make the world of Covent extra accessible to our readers. We hope more readers take advantage of these unique features in the future...

Get your copy of Kingsblood now!

~Posted 1/26/13

Shade Tale II: Kingsblood is finally available for sale in print and all major e-book formats!

Shade has returned to his asylum in Jile after single-handedly ousting the ruler of the Kurn underworld. He did not find the challenge he had thirsted for, but deep in the shadows of the nation’s colossal capital a far greater danger brews. An assassins’ war…

Shade is on a colliding path with the challenge of a lifetime. A contract has been written soon to be sealed in the blood of kings. A guild of assassins creeps out of the shadows of mighty Doljinaar, eager to collect on the royal bounty.  Shade is sent in counter and so he must reach down deep inside himself to find out whether any good still lives within him.

The time has come for the world's darkest assassin to make a stand, but will he stand for good or for evil? And what will Shade do when he at last meets a worthy rival face to face?

Don’t miss the book our reader’s group is calling “twice has good as Shade 1” and “a new level of craftsmanship”

Get your copy today!

In celebration of our new release, Shade Tale I: Waiting Game has been reduced to 99 cents on all major e-book formats!*

*Please note offer applies to all major formats except Googlebooks. Sadly, Mirror Images Publishing has no control over pricing on Googlebooks.

~Posted 12/5/12

Don't miss the updates to the Characters and Races sections which now feature new details from Shade 2! Characters has been updated with over 50 new characters and Races features about 10 new races from Shade 2. In depth descriptions and new artwork from Thom Scott and other contributing artists further expand the growing world of Covent. Dive into character backgrounds and details before you get your hands on a copy of Shade 2: Kingsblood.

More Shade 2 updates to Factions, Creatures and Places to follow in the coming weeks!

~Posted 10/11/12

The waiting game is finally anticipation of the release of Shade II, prices have been slashed on every format of Shade I: Waiting Game!!!

E-Book now only *$1.99
Softcover now only $6.99
Hardcover now only $19.99

Get caught up before Shade II and take advange of this great offer!

*Please note this offer applies to all formats except Googlebooks, which is charging $2.49 per E-book. Unfortunately, Mirror Images Publishing does not have control over pricing on Googlebooks, although this is still a great value.

~Posted 8/5/12

Shade I: Waiting Game gets 4 out of 5 stars! Check out the book review at:

*****Revised 3/15/12--In the interest of promoting the Chronicles of Covent brand, Waiting Game is now free for download on all e-book devices!!!*****

Get your copy of Waiting Game for FREE now!

~Posted 7/28/12
"Mini, no Mass Scale, Book Tour Marathon"

Just an announcement that Shade Tale One: Waiting Game will be featured in Orangeberry's Summer Splash Book Tour featuring one hundred different authors from all over the world.

Orangeberry is a major book network and review hub, with over 130,000 thousand Twitter followers and 12,000 Facebook likes, renowned for their ability to bridge the gap between authors and readers. The book tour will take place during the entire month of August and features books from every conceivable genre. Our stops will include another extensive author interview, a book review, a disection of page 99, a top 10 list and a guest blog written from the perspective of Shade himself. Here are the dates and links for the Chronicles of Covent blog stops:

Orangeberry General Book Feature, guest post & author interview
1st August - Book Feature at Peace from Pieces
2nd August - Twitter View with Pandora Poikilos
3rd August - Author Interview at Bunnys Review
4th August - Ford 99 at Mommy Adventures
5th August - Book Review at Moosubi Reviews
6th August - Author's Top 10 at We Fancy Books
26th August - Author Interview at Another Author

~Posted 6/30/12

Mirror Images Publishing proudly unveils the cover to Shade 2: Kingsblood!
We are very excited to announce the official cover reveal for Shade 2: Kingsblood which will be available late this year! Stay tuned for more character, races, factions, creatures and places updates over the next few months! Until then learn more about the upcoming sequel on the official preview page (just click the fancy new cover under our Feature Products side bar) or for more details check out J. L's last 3 blogs which spills far more beans on the newest installment of the Chronicles of Covent series.

J. L.'s blog

~Posted 5/02/12
Autographed Book Giveaway at the Book Review Club

Don't miss your chance to win a free autographed copy of Waiting Game!  Visit the Book Review Club for your chance to win! Entries are valid for one week only. Also check out our author interview which includes new Chronicles of Covent insights and new details to Shade's second book: Kingsblood.

Giveaway at Book Review Club

~Posted 4/23/12
Chronicles of Covent…the video game?

There has been recent fan interest in putting together a Chronicles of Covent video game. Currently, it is a fan based volunteer project, so we’ll see what comes of it. That said we are very excited we are receiving this kind interest so early in the life of our brand. The programming group is accepting more volunteers to help out with the project. If you have programming skills and would like to help, please email regarding your interest. Right now we have the greatest need for 3D modelers, but would welcome any other able and willing volunteers. Thanks everyone again for your interest and continued support.

~Posted 3/3/12
Want to see what's going on behind the scenes?  Check out J. L.'s blog on Wordpress.  Find out what the Covent authors are up to.  Get the inside scope, writing samples, art previews before the new books are released and learn exactly how deep the world of Covent truly is...

~Posted 2/17/12
We will be holding our first official Chronicles of Covent publicity event on Facebook.  The event will take place on our Facebook page and it is a open invitation to anyone interested in learning about the world of Covent.  The event is scheduled for this Saturday morning at 9AM-12PM.  The time will be divided up between information about the series, Q&A with the authors and a Launch Contest that will give away FREE copies of the book!  Please click the link and click "going" if you plan to attend.

Chronicles of Covent on Facebook

*****Please note if you wish to participate in the contest you will need access to a computer with Flash Player compatability.  Currently, Apple did not set up I-Pads or I-Phones with Flash Player, so we would not recommend using these devices at the event, if you wish to compete in the Launch Contest.*****

~Posted 1/3/12

Welcome to the Chronicles of Covent launch!  We hope you’ll come in and explore our site in our humble beginnings.  We have put a lot of work into this site and plan to add plenty of content for the future including tales, artwork and more juicy details about our world.

We are kicking off our release with our very first Pre-Triloriad tale called Waiting Game. It is available in softcover and e-book. It is one of the many exciting lines of tales to come, all building toward our one gigantic climatic saga we call the Triloriad. We invite you to come experience the full journey with us.




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